Monica fell in love with the practice of yoga in 2007 while living in South East Asia. There she was exposed to her first yogic texts and began her self practice. While traveling throughout South East Asia and India she quickly realized that the yoga practice wasn’t just about a series of postures and ways to move the body but was a lifestyle and a way of seeing and being in the world.

Upon returning to the states in 2008 she dived into her first yoga certification with her teacher Jennifer Reuter. After her first formal education in yoga she was hooked and desired to share it with diverse audiences. She spent the next seven years living in Honolulu teaching not only in yoga studios and retreats but also teaching children in the Honolulu public school system and underserved populations in homeless shelters and correctional facilities.

Monica is passionate about body mechanics and creating a sustainable and creative practice for her students.  She incorporates her knowledge from her Pilates certification, education in Physical Therapy and other movement arts in order to create an intelligent and safe way to move the body.  A lifelong student she has continued her yogic education with many styles of Yoga and trainings and continues to study with teachers such as Schuyler Grant and Carrie Orwerko. She is also a lifetime meditator and has been studying with Paul Muller Ortega of Blue Throat Yoga since 2013.

In 2014, Monica expanded her career in the wellness world by moving to Los Angeles to open Wanderlust Hollywood. There she built and managed Wanderlust’s first brick and mortar wellness center. After opening the doors of Wanderlust Hollywood she focused on creating and producing mindful living focused events. She produced hundreds of workshops and events that aided in building community and put Wanderlust Hollywood on the map as Los Angeles’ premiere wellness center.

Today, Monica focuses her energy collaborating with fellow teachers to lead trainings, workshops and retreats. She spends her free time studying mantra, philosophy, practicing yoga and pilates, traveling, hiking, surfing and learning how to be a yogi mom.


  • Schuyler GrantMonica is one of those special teachers who can create a class that is challenging, nurturing, enriching and authentic all at once.  She is special.  Find her.
  • Jeff KrasnoMonica doesn’t just produce events, she brings people together around shared values, practices and interests. She dives into the core intention and then creates space for it with the eye of an artist, molding beautiful, detailed environments that enable transformational experiences. We live in a time that thirsts for community and few people can create and foster community like Monica.
  • Stephanie Keiko Kong, EntrepreneurMonica serves with grace and purpose and is one of the happiest people I’ve ever met. Her energy is contagious, she gets shit done, and I grow and learn more and more each time I work with her. My favorite part of Monica’s work is that she keeps it real: she elegantly helps me integrate my big goals with my little daily concerns, my deep joys and heavy traumas, deep yogic philosophy and modern urban living. Monica embodies the spirit of sweet ambition without attachment. Through working with Monica, I’ve grown my sense of identity, success and self-love to a place beyond my imagining, and I’m not stopping now.
  • Dawne Stanley, Manager Wanderlust HollywoodMonica’s classes infuse the perfect balance of alignment and creative flow. Her warm demeanor and intricate knowledge of the practice creates an environment that is both safe and appropriately challenging for all levels.  
  • Marc Geiger, Head of Music, WMEMonica Ross  is as important to me as my coffee in the morning. (which is VERY important) Her personality and teaching have not only changed my body and flexibility but also became a lifelong necessity for my health and well being”
  • Michel Cohen, Social WorkerMonica is one of the most gifted yoga instructors that I have practiced with. She seamlessly weaves the spiritual depth of yoga practice with her asana sequences and the result is a phenomenal yoga experience that allows you to experience a profound mind-body connection and delve into the stillness within.
  • Chad Dennis, Entrepreneur & Yoga Instructor-I have had the pleasure and privilege of working side-by-side with Monica over the last 3 years. During this time, as the Studio Director of Wanderlust Hollywood, she has consistently displayed a level of professionalism, determination and follow-through that I have rarely seen in all my years 30 plus years of being in the yoga business. Oh and she’s also a super badass yoga teacher.
  • Matt Phippen, Yoga Instructor & Yoga TherapistMonica is one of the most brilliant Yoga teachers I’ve ever met.  Her dynamic sequencing, understanding of physical movement and anatomy are partnered with a nurturing heart and an attentive understanding of what the students need.  She is someone who is truly living the practice of Yoga and you feel that as the student.  She’s the real deal.  

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